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Want more people to visit your location? We can help with that! By signing up as a Treasure Finders Merchant, your business will be featured in Treasure Hunts. Users will solve clues that will lead them to your location and present them with an offer of your choosing. The first month is just $1 and you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Watch and read below to learn more.

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Extra Details

How Finding Treasure Works

When a Treasure Finder successfully solves the clues and arrives at a stop on the hunt, they press the “Dig For Treasure” button on their phone. If they are in the correct location, they receive a reward. When the stop is an enrolled business, the Treasure Finder receives an offer from the business. 

Displaying Offers For Your Business

Each business decides what offers they will provide along with the expiration date of the offer. Businesses can have multiple offers that are awarded based on the time of day/week or at random, enabling them to perform A/B market testing. Businesses are able to update and modify their offers via the merchant portal. Businesses receive an automated report each week showing: total number of people who visited their location via the app, the number of offers presented, the number of conversions (people who redeemed the offer) with a breakdown by offer showing visits by morning/afternoon/evening for weekdays & weekends.

Creating Treasure Hunts

Users within the Treasure Finders App are called Buccaneers. As they become more proficient and gain experience, they can become Privateers in the App, which allows them to create treasure hunts. When a Privateer creates a treasure hunt, they see all the merchants who are enrolled with Treasure Finders to provide “treasure” at their place of business. The Privateers are incentivized to include these merchant stops on their treasure hunts. Privateers receive a commission from Treasure Finders for the number of people their hunts bring to enrolled merchants.

Creating Value for your Business

Through Treasure Finders, businesses are able to market directly to prospective customers while they are physically at the business location. The cost for this service is a flat low monthly rate. This fee includes automated weekly and monthly activity reports and the ability for businesses to modify their offer(s). Businesses can cancel the service at any time, for any reason. The first month of service is free of charge, enabling the business to try the service risk-free.

Monthly Rate:


Trial Period

31 Days


Merchant Subscription Agreement

By accepting this Merchant Subscription Agreement, by entering your electronic signature, Merchant agrees to the terms of the agreement and accepts the Treasure Finders Merchant Terms and Conditions.

Trial Terms:

Your trial starts immediately after sign-up. Prior to the end of your trial, we will contact you to review the results of your trial experience and determine if you want to cancel the service, continue with the monthly subscription, or choose another subscription option to continue as an enrolled Treasure Finders Merchant. 

You may cancel your trial at any time by visiting your Treasure Finders Merchant Portal page or by contacting Customer Support.

Your eligibility to use the Treasure Finders Merchant trial offer is determined solely by Treasure Finders. Your access to any trial offer is provided at Treasure Finder’s sole discretion.

Subscription Terms:

Your subscription begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. Your subscription will automatically renew annually until you cancel. You authorize Treasure Finders to store your payment method(s) and to automatically charge your payment method(s) in accordance with your subscription option until you cancel. 

We may change your plan’s rate at each annual renewal term, and we will notify you of any rate change with the option to cancel. 

If your primary payment method fails, you authorize us to charge any other payment method in your account. If you have not provided us a backup payment method(s) and you fail to provide payment, or if all payment methods in your account fail, we may suspend your subscription. You can edit your payment information anytime in your Treasure Finders Merchant Portal page.

Cancellation Terms:

You can cancel your subscription anytime via your Treasure Finders Merchant Portal page or by contacting Customer Support.

Merchant Account Sign Up Form

You can also use this form to upgrade your existing treasure finders user to a merchant.