Ongoing $50,000 Treasure Hunt

We’ve buried a treasure chest worth almost $50,000 in Utah! 💰 Clues are released every Wednesday and Saturday on the Treasure Finders App available on iOS & Android!  Complete “quests” on the app to earn the clues.

The hunt started in May, and is still going on!  Yes, there is still time to start now, just try to complete at least a few quests each week to catch up!  First person to find the chest gets the whole booty.

The grand prize includes a 2021 Ford Truck F150 (2-year lease) OR a cash value + 1000 Pieces of real Silver + an assortment of gift cards to local businesses.

✨ Utah County & Salt Lake County, get ready! The chest could potentially be anywhere from Payson at the south, to Centerville at the north.


☀️🌲🗺 Enjoy the thrill of adventure and mystery with family and friends while exploring the beautiful Utah.
✨ Have some fun at our “Pirate Rendezvous” on weekends! Cash in your Pieces of 8 to win prizes or “Special Secret Clues” to the $50,000 chest.
🔥 As you complete each small quest on the app, you’ll receive a clue for the grand treasure chest.  You may also receive an offer or coupon for a local business. Redeeming some of the offers will give you a Piece of 8 in return, which you can use at our “Pirate Rendezvous” events to receive “Special Secret Clues” to the treasure chest.

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May 01 2021 - Dec 31 2021




Utah County + Salt Lake County
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