1-day $2,000 Treasure Hunt

Find a crew and get ready to set sail on a fast-paced 1-Day Treasure Hunt for a $2,000 grand prize!  The first buccaneer team to solve all the clues wins a $2,000 value of cash and gift cards + 25 Pieces of 8.  2nd and 3rd place prizes are a paddle board and lagoon tickets (2nd place gets to choose between the two)!

Using our free app, you will solve and follow clues that will eventually lead you to the treasure!!  This will be a fast-paced race to the finish!  The boundaries include Utah County + Salt Lake County.

The event will start Sep 18th at 9AM. The hunt will last about an hour, up to a few hours depending on how fast you can solve the clues.  There will be multiple starting locations spread throughout Utah County & Salt Lake County. 

Registration is $49.95 per TEAM.  Max 4 people per team.  All Teams that finish will get 4 Pieces of Eight. 


Sep 18 2021


9:00 am


Utah County + Salt Lake County
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