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There’s $50,000 buried in Utah right now, 2021! Download the app to start getting treasure hunt clues

Explore Utah while searching for buried treasure

There’s a treasure chest worth $50,000 buried in Utah right now!  First person to find the chest gets the whole booty.  Download the app to start earning clues to the treasure location.

Step 1

Download the app on iOS or Android and create an account

Step 2

After going through the tutorial, click on the “Quests” button, and choose a quest!  These are small gps-based scavenger hunts that will take you to real locations around town.

Step 3

After completing any quest, you will earn a clue to the $50k treasure chest!  To view your earned clues, click on “Treasure Clues” on the main page of the app, and then “View Treasure Clues” in the top left.


Enjoy time with family and friends in a safe, naturally socially-distanced environment! Download the Treasure Finders app on iOS or Android. It’s completely free to download and use. Follow the clues that take you on “quests” or scavenger hunts in your area. Some locations on quests may be participating merchants who reward you with a coupon for finding their location. As you complete each small “quest”, you may receive a clue for real buried treasure. Our current treasure hunt prize is worth $50,000, and is buried somewhere in Utah!  Enjoy the thrill of adventure and mystery with family and friends! 🏴‍☠️️💰

Create your own treasure hunts

Show off your style and creativity by creating your own unique treasure hunts for your friends or local community. Your hunts get rated by other users. If your hunts are good enough, you can even get paid to create content!

-NEW- Collect Pieces of 8 and visit pirate rendevouz

Twice a month, we will be holding Pirate Rendevouz in Utah County and Salt Lake City where Treasure Finders can visit to redeem their hard work on the App for real limited edition Treasure Finders “Pieces of 8” coins. These coins can be exchanged for a chance to earn a Secret Clue or a different reward on a wheel of prizes.  Earn Pieces of 8 by redeeming your merchant coupons or offers.

Climb the ranks from swashbuckler to Captain of the 7 seas in this epic journey filled with mystery and puzzles.

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